Refer friends:

My Account → My Invitation → Send Invitations → Invite your friends by email 10 reward points (Day limit 50 reward points)
Your friends: Click the link in email and sign up an account 10 reward points
Your friend’s first purchase 100% reward points


Write review:
Write reviews on the products you buy, and earn points to get more stuff. Reward points are automatically added to your account when your review is approved and posted on our site. Every product page on our web site has a link to write a review. Just write and submit your review, and we'll do the rest!
You can earn 10 reward points for each review and day limit is 2 reviews.

On your birthday:
To celebrate your birthday, your birthday reward (100 reward points) will automatically load to your account.
**You need specified the birthday in the account setting.

Special events:
You will be able to earn extra points for shopping at the special events. Follow our website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for announcements and information regarding special reward.

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