100% high-quality heat resistant fiber
Thicker hair, hair net and real hair not easy come out

Fiber: Wigs are made of 100% high-quality heat resistant fiber from Japan and Korea. The wig can be marcelled or straightened under 180°C. It feels and looks like real hair, looks natural and soft touch.


Elastic net
Highly elastic, more breathable and durable!!

Upgrade to the elastic net with breathable lace. Soft and comfortable.


Adjustable band easily

The hair net of the wigs is highly elastic and can be adjusted the cap size at the nape for a secure fit. Free size!


Additional design - Different of the top of the head

✦ Simulated scalp
Use the simulation scalp to make the wig more natural and real, special for part hairstyle wig.

✦ Special encryption technology
No emulation of the scalp, easily styling.

✦ Widow's peak / All back



➤ Bang
Default is long bangs except for special hairstyle. Due to the head circumference and face size are different, we do not provide any trim service. Wig with special styles will be marked in the individual listing.

➤ Style & Color
All items are designed by FM-Anime team. Guarantee exclusive sales!

➤ Tailor-made
We will follow the character in the anime/game picture to choose suitable colors from our fiber color chart (over 350 colors). Feel free to contact us via email: commission@fm-anime.com with any questions you have regarding our tailor-made services.

➤ Handling time
Due to our shop’ wig style is too many, we usually to maintain some popular series or normal style goods in stock. For the in-stock wig, we usually ship out within 2 days. For special style or others, we usually take 2-4 weeks to make. For any emergency requirement, please contact us before place the order.

➤ Cleaning
Easy to wash and care by using a little mild shampoo in cold / warm water.