100% Guarantee

FM-Anime is a team of ACGN Culture lovers. We promise to provide you with products of high quality and a high degree of similarity to the original character pictures. We are involved in the whole production process, and so each item contains unique ideas and designs of the Fm-Anime team. We will strive to maintain the highest quality standards, while continuing to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Photos & Products

It is guaranteed that we never plagiarize photos from others, do shoddy work nor use inferior material. All our products, except the sizes, will look exactly the same as the photos. All photos in our website are taken by Claudia@FM-Anime Team and anyone who plagiarizes them will be called to account.

Rush order & Handling time

If you need an item urgently, please contact FM-Anime Team before ordering to see if we can make it. If possible, we will try our very best to shorten the handling time to meet your needs. We will tell you the date when the item can be shipped off and the shipping time.
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After-sales service

If you find the item unsatisfactory after receiving it, please email us. We are willing to compensate if the problem is caused by FM-Anime Team. We guarantee to provide you with satisfying after-sales service.
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