Professional Custom Cosplay Services

- Make the cosplay ♡ specially for you -

✂ Highly experienced cosplay seamstress and propmaker ✂

✿ More than 15 years of experience

✿ Made with high quality materials and prices are the most reasonable

✿ Custom-made according to the size customers provide

✿ Customers can also request us to send them a photo of the finished item to confirm if it is okay before shipping

How it works?

➽ Simply send us the character name, upload the character's picture from multiple angles (front, side and back).

➽ We will respond within 48 hours and will sent out in detail all the items and their accessories, materials used, prices, and offers, etc.

➽ Accept the order, please do the reply and we will create the page for purchase and make the payment.

➽ Ship out & receive the email of the tracking number. Order complete ❣

The handling time ranges from 1-2months. It may take longer for more complex items such as armours, props to be made. Costumers will be notified of the handling time of these items individually.

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